Designer Laser Vaginoplasty (DLV)

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty (DLV), also known as vaginal or vulva design, gathers several interventions aiming at achieving an improved aesthetics and functioning of the external structure of female external genitals: labia minora, labia majora, perineum, introitus (vaginal opening) and clitoris.

It consists of a surgical intervention with great acceptation thanks to the excellent results it offers (as long as it is carried out by duly trained people). An increasing number of women are asking to improve their intimate sensations and the looks of their external genitals.

The different interventions included within the term vaginoplasty laser are: labiaplasty, perineoplasty, clitoriplasty, introitoplasty or hymenoplasty.



The perineum is the area between the vaginal opening (introitus) and the anus.

We can treat the excessive relaxation or weakness of this are or recreate one where there was none as a consequence of surgery, childbirth, etc. as already explained.


It consists of the remodelling of the hood of the clitoris, mainly in cases where it is excessively big or present asymmetries, whether they obey to genetic reasons or endocrine disorders.

The clitoris is located where labia minora meet and consists of a small protuberance with many nervous endings, which makes it essential to reach orgasm. When the clitoris is excessively big, it can become extremely bothering for the woman, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a functional one since sexual intercourse can become really painful both physically and psychologically speaking.


Introitus is the name given to the opening of the vagina. This surgical intervention can achieve a noticeable improvement in the looks and functioning of this part of the female genital tract thanks to the correction of excessive relaxation or alteration of tissues caused by previous surgery and/or childbirth.