G-shot Augmentation
G-shot augmentation

Discovered and described for the first time by Dr Ernst Grafenberg in 1950, the G-Spot is the most sensitive area in the internal part of vagina. It is located in the anterior part of the vagina and can be aroused to extraordinary levels. G-Shot is a technique discovered and patented by David Matlock which consists of injecting an innocuous substance to the G-spot to increase sensitivity and thus provide women with more satisfying sexual relations.

This technique is practiced as an outpatient treatment (no opening room) and last about 15 minutes. It is not necessary to get into the opening room and the patient can go back home right after the intervention. The effects are immediate and the treatment can be repeated some months after in case a decrease of effectivity is felt.

87% of the patients who have undergone this technique report an increase of both the frequency and intensity of their orgasms.

Foto punto G
Foto punto G